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Klarity.Work is a smart planning tool that succeeds where all other tools fail.

Why? See for yourself.
like you've never seen before
Whatever project methodology you use - waterfall, agile, scrum, kanban - your management, customers, and partners are asking: When will it be ready?

This is not a one-time question. As the project moves forward, you should always know and communicate to all stakeholders how the usual project issues - unaccounted tasks, important decisions, people resignations, delays - change the dates and the deliverables. Stuff, as we all know, happens. It's not the delay that kills you but your inability to detect it early, explain it, and suggest the recourse.

Your options? You may guess optimistically and miss the deadline. You may guess conservatively and never see the project started. Or you may use Klarity.Work which is specifically designed to deal with these issues.

Plan in a new way with us
Leave your email for beta testing. Your feedback is very important to us.
How Klarity.Work is different from other planning tools?
Simply put: it solves the real problems facing project planners and managers today. Here’s just few of them
What is duration of a task which is at least 3 months away, doesn't have the design or the architecture yet?
Anton Bezhan
How do I spread my team over multiple projects, taking into account the requirements of each task in them?
Ruslan Gerasimov
How to make the executives and other stakeholders my allies and explain to them the risks and uncertainties ahead of time?
Anton Okrema
What happens to other projects and especially the deliverables if we delay a task in one of the projects?
Andrey Selin
Have a look at the key features below
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Try planning with ranges and you won't want to plan differently!
If you know a task will take 3−4 weeks, then just say so.
Don't make things up just because you project planner prefers it.
Smart algoritms
Auto dependencies

There is no need to create dependencies, the platform will create the necessary dependencies, you will only have to delete the dependencies that you do not need, or create new ones.
Multiple plans in one

Stop wasting time creating multiple plans to display different decisions. Just choose the right decision options, the platform will restructure the plan itself and suggest the best option.
Auto plan changes
Automatic plan change when tasks, milestones or decisions change across all projects
Auto estimation
Estimation of the likelihood of project failure
Auto expected dates
Automatic generation of expected end and start dates for tasks, deadlines for milestones, and decisions based on the selected risks and dependencies.
Coming soon
Automatic resource allocation
Just indicate in the task that any employee from the category will suit you, the platform itself will optimally load resources.
Resource leveling between projects
The task of our algorithm is to create automatically resource dependencies so that resources are loaded optimally and not overloaded in all projects.
Gantt Chart
Highlights tasks (SOON)
Custom settings (SOON)
Smart dependencies
Сritical path that takes into account dependencies (predecessors) from other projects
Highlights tasks. To make it easier to find or understand, a user may tell the chart to highlight specific tasks
Custom settings define how you visualize the data
Smart dependencies — hints to help you create dependencies
Time and font size
Setting the display of Gantt by time and font size
Warning indicators
Warning indicators: resource conflicts and lack of resources in the company
Separate decisions and milestones
Milestones and decision deadlines are always visible to Gantt and a sidebar
Start on or after
Task will start no earlier than the specified date
Implement, outsource, or buy the product module? Laminate or hardwood? Simple HTML or dynamic Canvas?
Integrate the delayed decisions into your plan
Often a decision could not be made before the project starts. The depend on some other tasks, like research, design, or testing. Then the decision determines the duration or even existense of the subsequent tasks.
Different font sizes to indicate the importance of the task and projects
Multilevel tree with font sizes
Multilevel tree for creating an unlimited number of nested task groups
Resource management
Non-substitutable resource
Very human nature of the resources with the mix of interchangeable and unique elements. The task requires Mary and John, as they already are familiar with the problem, plus 3 other developers, could be any.
Utilization report across the company
Be aware of the overload of your employees. Remove unnecessary stress for your employees from overload.
Employee list
Quickly create a list of company employees through categories
Virtual resources
Plan projects by creating virtual resources. of the company
Employee’s workload on the task. Set the effort of the employee on the task
Pinpoint resource conflict fix for tasks at the level of the whole company
Leveling resources (Soon)
Leveling resources based on all the company’s projects
My Work
Tasks, milestones and decisions assigned to employees in a separate section
Control and
Deviations on dashboard
Tables view with deviations from the plan of projects, milestones, decisions
Actual vs planned
Progress tracking (actual vs planned) for tasks, milestones and solutions
Project duration predictions with low, medium and high risks
Show more
Dependencies between projects
Dependencies (Predecessors) across all company projects for tasks, decisions and milestones
Company Gantt Chart
One Gantt chart for the whole company with all projects, decisions and milestones
Deliverables in milestones
Completed and canceled deliverables in milestones
Final decisions
Be aware of all the decisions in the project. Choose the optimal decision options
Impact of decisions
The impact of decisions shows how the duration of tasks can change
ToDo in tasks
Сreate a ToDo list and mark completed
Task in progress
Mark tasks in progress
Project status
Change a project status to completed and mark a project finish date
Dashboard charts
Important information at a glance. Delay of projects and maximum utilization by month.
Set tight deadlines for decisions and milestones if you like and track deviation
Record of all changes in the company
Work on the plan together
Invite users to the project, co-create tasks, milestones, and decisions. Assign responsibility and let performers mark progress.
Co-editing projects
Work on projects, jointly edit projects.
Leave comments on the cards of projects, tasks, decisons, and milestones.
Invitations to the company (accounts) and projects. Differing user roles and permission levels
Coming soon
Unlimited guest users
Invite view-only users
Share a view only link
Share the link to the project with any user
A communication tool for choosing the best decisions or other actions.
Responsible person
Assigning person responsible for tasks, decisions, and milestone
Even more functionality
for your convenience and efficiency
Project list
Project list with duration ranges and different sizes of fonts as indicators of the importance of the project
Rich editing
Create interesting descriptions and highlight important information
Disabled projects
Disable projects that should not be resource-leveled and displayed in filters
Search / Sorting / Filters
Finding the right information is easy and fast with the help of sorting, filters and search
Set a time zone for the whole company. All deviations will be counted relative to the selected timezone
Coming soon
Add tasks quickly
Fast creation of several tasks at the same time
Holidays are automatically created based on the selected country
File storage
Store important files and pictures in task cards, milestones and decisions
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